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It’s Almost Here!…my new personal site.

It’s been some time since I’ve updated my Tumblr. But I’m just about done with the reason why. I’ve been working on my personal site that has my photo portfolio, the projects I’m working on and other randomness. 

It’s almost done, but if you want to check it out head over to   

I Don’t Want To Be The Next Steve Jobs

None of us should want to be the next Steve Jobs, because even Mr. Jobs himself would not have wanted us to be the next Steve Jobs. One of the many things the man taught us was to “Think Different”, to live our own lives and pave our own paths. The man definitely left his “Ding in theuniverse”, but why should we just admire him for it and continue thinking inside of the box, meeting the status quo and working with our heads down. We would simply be throwing away everything he taught us if we did that. Why not take what he he left us with and leave our own “ding”, make some noise, cause some trouble and set this world on fire.

The box is far too crowded with the same black and white, it’s time to Think Different, it’s time to be one of The Crazy Ones. 

An awesome example of someone leaving it all behind and doing what they love

An awesome example of someone leaving it all behind and doing what they love

My all time favorite Apple tv commercial.

Watch it, LUV it and of course “Think Different”!

Go Ahead…Cause Some Trouble!

I recently finished reading Seth Godin’s new book “Poke The Box”. The book is short, to the point and simply put, a great read. 

The entire book rests on the idea of “Poking the Box”, or continuously trying something new and challenging the status quo. However there is one message in particular that I took away from this book that I think every one of us should consider regardless of who you are or what you do…

Be a Troublemaker!

Before jumping to any conclusions let me explain what I mean. As children most of us heard the phrases “stop doing that”, “put that down”, “don’t touch that”, “get away from there”. Some of us might have listened, but for those of us that disregarded our parents scolding and continued to defy the rules they tried to set for us, we were granted the title of “troublemaker”. (In my case it included driving my mother crazy as I stood in our window waving at the neighbors…diaperless)

As we got older the trouble making moved from destroying something really expensive (mom’s china, dads golf clubs, neighbors window) to questioning the rules and trying to be different. Ultimately we were put back in our place by being grounded, ridiculed by our peers or even suspended from school. We were slowly being “tamed” with out us even realizing it. And when the time finally came to become “responsible” adults, most of us would end up wearing that tie tight enough to suppress any trouble making thoughts.

However for that group of “outcasts” that kept causing mischief, their trouble making moved on to a mindset of continuous innovation and challenging of the status quo, continuously “Poking The Box”. For one reason or another they chose to never settle down, they chose to take that curiosity they had as children and keep getting themselves in trouble. But trouble at this stage was no longer being grounded or sent to detention, trouble was now shaking things up and making people mad because they were changing things and the way they were done.

Yes they were met with opposition, mocked, laughed at and probably had many failed attempts, but once they finally broke through and did change things, they changed them forever. They broke the rules and set new ones. However they didn’t stop there, they kept breaking their own rules; they stayed hungry and kept searching for a better way to do things.

There’s a long list of people throughout history that fall under this definition of a “troublemaker”. Yet they only make up a small number of the population. So maybe troublemaking isn’t for everyone, maybe some people just don’t have the guts to challenge their bosses or the rules. But for those of us that want to see a change, that have that fire inside of them to never settle, troublemaking is how were going to get it.

So go ahead…cause some trouble!

Why Can’t You Change the World?

Sitting on the plane coming home yesterday I looked out of the window thousands of feet above the ground. I started to think about how the airline industry has completely changed the world and the way it functions. Think about it, you can go from your home to almost anywhere in the world in less than a couple days, you can order your favorite food from across the country and get it the next morning. The way we live because of the airplane has completely changed over the last 100 years.

But what did all of this start with? How is it that humans can do such things?

It started with nothing more but an idea and the guts to be crazy. It started with two brothers who were insulted and ridiculed for their ideas on flying. Two brothers who thought outside of the box, who went against the grain and weren’t afraid to do it. Those two men were known as the Wright brothers.

Never did it matter to them that they were being mocked or laughed at, they knew what they wanted to accomplish and they never gave up in doing it. Their level of determination and complete disregard for the negative things people had to say was amazing. During the 1900’s no body on this earth would have dreamed that flying was possible, and suddenly here comes two guys who own a bike shop that would completely change the world forever.

The Wright brothers might not be around anymore, but they are proof that with the right attitude and the determination to succeed, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone one person couldn’t change the world. So why couldn’t it be you?

After my post last night my new friend Sam Maule added this video as part of his comment on the post. I loved this video so much that I had to show it on here. Check it out, it’s awesome!

Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh!

A typical day for me consists of being locked up in a classroom on campus all day and then coming home to enjoy the constant yelling of my 2 year old sister…there’s no such thing as silence in our home. A couple nights ago I get home, sit at the table, start eating dinner and working on my laptop. Being the nosy little thing that she is my sister comes by pokes around in my backpack, try’s to pick food off my plate and is just being a nuisance. Later on she asks me to open the wrapper to a chocolate for her. I open the wrapper and she runs off happily. A few minutes later the troll returns, sits next to me and smiles. (She might only be 2 but she knew exactly what she was about to do) Smiling, she looks at me, throws the chocolate at me and then immediately smacks her chocolate infested hands all over the keyboard on my MacBook…now I’m livid. At the time I was PISSED! But I’m writing about it now and laughing as I look at her.

Sometimes we need to stop for a second and ask ourselves how significant is what just happened. Steven Covey wrote about the 90/10 principle; “10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.” Had I taken this principle into consideration before steaming through my ears I probably would’ve laughed and taken a few good photos I could have posted. Instead I just have a bunch of words on a page and a little sister who will probably do it again since she gets a kick out of making me mad. All it really took was the swipe of a paper towel to clean the mess, so I obviously overacted to such an insignificant thing.

Were always going to be faced with some type of adversity or hardship no matter what we do in life. But don’t be afraid to just pause for a moment and laugh, you’d be amazed at how much more fun things are when your not taking them so seriously.

Inspiration - It’s time to pass it on

It’s been probably about a month since I stepped foot into the social networking universe, since then I haven’t changed the world yet…but I’ve definitely been given the inspiration to.  Of course I have to thank my parents, siblings and friends for always supporting me no matter how outrageous the ideas I come up with. But there is one individual that I have to devote this entire post to, that person is Jon Thomas.

Yesterday morning I uploaded a presentation I made during class that was almost like a “commercial” about Jon’s blog. I made the presentation for fun and out of boredom of sitting in my economics class, it was never meant to get much attention…boy was I wrong about the attention. Not long after uploading it Jon had tweeted about my presentation…at this point I’m jumping out of my chair to the fact that a person as busy and successful as Jon would actually take the the time to not just look at the presentation but actually tell people about it!

Later on in the day Jon wrote an entire post about my presentation on his blog, you can read the post HERE. Now I’m jumping through the roof! Jon knows who I am from my constant stalking of his twitter posts and commenting on his blog, but all that means is I’m an avid reader reader of his material. I don’t even know what to say to him at this point, it’s only in movies that the nobody gets the attention of the big players in the game. 

To give you an idea of how huge of a difference it made that Jon actually cared to tell the world about my presentation: my last presentation which is about over a week old is still stuck under 300 views, the one I just put out…in 24 hours over 1500 views and its being featured on’s home page…if you could only see how excited I am.

So what does any of this have to do with inspiration?

Jon actually took the time to do what most people would never bother even thinking about. I mean why spend time talking about someone you’ve never even met in person? But the fact that he did is something that means so much to me and something I’ll never forget. Here I am a novice to the presentation world, but yet one of the biggest names in the field is actually taking the time to talk about and spread the word on my work. That would’ve been like having an NFL coach telling recruiters about me when I was playing ball in high school.

Now imagine if the greats in every field did what Jon did…were talking about changing the world. As the greats moved on those people that they looked out for and helped would continue on the cycle and continue inspiring and help in bringing up others. 

The word inspiration is something we might see on one of those pictures with a rock climber on top of a mountain that we end up forgetting about ten minutes later. But it’s time that we stop taking its true meaning lightly, because the power to inspire others means the power to change things.

I’ve been inspired to follow my own passions, and for that I have to thank Jon Thomas. Your a great inspiration Jon, never stop inspiring others, the world needs more people like you.

Thank You